Protrans Trucks Drawing

I completed this drawing one week ago after working on it for two weeks. It was a very different commission for me. I had never drawn trucks before… The drawing is 30 x 40 cm in size and features six trucks parked in an interesting pattern outside the Protrans offices. The drawing was commissioned by the company owners as a way of celebrating twenty years in business. I worked with Staedtler graphite pencils on Fabriano paper.

trucks drawing on paper pencil drawing six trucks detail

I have included a full scan of the drawing with a detailed image underneath. I took some photos of the drawing in progress which you can see in the gallery below. It also includes photos of the finished drawing in a mount.

Ryan and Jenny portrait

This is the latest painting to come off my easel. I finished it over the weekend after working on it for almost two weeks. It is 30 x 40cm in size. Ryan is the little boy and Jenny is the lovely pony he is riding. The painting was painted with acrylics on canvas. I changed up the background a good bit from the reference photos. I added some blurry trees to inject colour into the portrait. It was commissioned as a present for Ryan’s Mum by his Dad. He was very happy with the portrait. I hope you all like it too 🙂

boy on a horse painting

I am including a detailed scan and the reference photo.

Horse painting Milly

This is the first painting of 2017. It is of a brown horse called Milly. The painting was commissioned by a client from Kilkenny. I completed a painting of another horse for her last year, so I was delighted she has returned with another commission this year. Milly is just beautiful and I had good photos to work from. The painting is 30 x 60 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched canvas.

brown horse portrait painting and detail

I am also including some progress photos and the reference photo.

A painting of four sheep

painting of four sheep

This painting was completed just before Christmas. It was commissioned as a Christmas present for a farmer by his girlfriend. It is of four sheep standing in the field. The painting was small in size, 25 x 30 cm, painted with acrylics on canvas.

Honey and Nuala

This is another one of the Christmas commissions. It is of two cocker spaniels called Honey and Nuala. The painting was 25 x 30 cm in size and painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. It was commissioned as a Christmas present for the client’s mother.


She was delighted with the painting:

I am lost for words, it’s the exact same as them. They are my mothers 3rd and 4th children she never had so they are her babys haha. She will love it. Thank you for all your work on it. It’s unbelievable how much it looks like them. She will love it, by far the best Christmas present I’ve ever got her.

The reference photos were very good with good lighting coming from the right.

Two Labradors – Zuva and Pip

This is a brand new drawing to come off my easel. It is of two golden labradors called Zuva and Pip. The portrait was commissioned as a gift for their owner. Zuva is the older dog lying down and is very special for the owner. The reference photo had some strong shadows on both dogs, which were softened when drawing. The client didn’t want Zuva to be ‘overshadowed’ by Pip.

two golden labradors drawing in graphite

I used Faber-Castell graphite pencils ranging in softness from HB to 5B. First I sketched out the dogs and the horizon in HB. All the detailed work was drawn with 2B, 4B and 5B. I worked on Fabriano 5 paper as usual. The size of the drawing is 20 x 20 cm and it will be mounted in a neutral colour (minuet) mount before posting.

I will be adding some more finished works onto the blog over the coming days. And next up on my easel is a very exciting project – a retriever dog with beautiful landscape background of the mountains in Donegal…

Jack Russell ‘Eddie’ – work in progress

This week I am working on a new dog portrait. It is of a Jack Russell called ‘Eddie’. The canvas is 20 x 30 cm in size and I am working with acrylics as usual. I have been taking photographs of the canvas as I am progressing, from the initial sketch to the completed first stage of the painting. I will be starting detailing tomorrow, concentrating mainly on the head, chest and front paws. The background is more-less finished now. I will return to it when finalising the painting. The portrait will be finished in a few days and I will post the scan then. I hope you like the progress so far.

Two Collies painting


This is a painting I completed back in June. It is of two lovely collies. It was commissioned as a birthday present for the clients’ friends’ 30th. The painting was painted with acrylics and the size of the canvas was 30 x 30 cm. I kept the background quite simple to compliment the dogs. I added more detail around the dogs snouts and eyes.

K-Club painting

k-club painting

I have completed this painting a couple of weeks ago. It is a painting of the K-Club. It was commissioned as a wedding portrait for the client’s sister who got married there earlier this year.

k-club painting detail

I worked with acrylics on stretched canvas as always. The painting was a wide landscape format of 40 x 60 cm. I am including some detailed images of the painting.

k-club painting detail 2

Girl and Labrador portrait

girl and labrador portrait drawing

This is a portrait of Lilly and a chocolate labrador called Pablo. The drawing was commissioned as a birthday present for the little girl’s grandfather. He is Pablo’s owner and his wife wanted to give him a really personal gift. The drawing was drawn with coloured pencils at the size of 25 x 25 cm.