Baby and chihuahua

I worked on this portrait a couple of weeks ago. It captures a lovely friendship between a baby and a chihuahua. The baby is Lauren and the dog is Ted. They are their family’s sweethearts and the drawing was commissioned as a present for Lauren’s christening. My client, Lauren’s grandmother, wanted to gift her son something very special to remember the day. The drawing is 20 x 25 cm in size and drawn with graphite pencils on paper. Because both the dog and baby very quite pale, I decided to use a darker shaded background. I think it worked out quite well. The client was delighted with the result and thought her son will be too:

I’m sure they will be very happy with this portrait as they sent a video this morning with Lauren playing with Ted so I’m delighted I got you to commission this.

baby and chihuahua portrait

I took some photographs when I was finished and the drawing was mounted. There is an image of the initial sketch too.

The latest portrait

man portrait acrylic

This is the latest portrait to come off my easel. It is 35 x 45 cm in size and painted with acrylics on canvas. I worked on this one for a week. The photo didn’t offer a lot of detail, so I decided to loosen my style a little. For the background, I used a flat wash of a cool grey to compliment the skin tones.

reference photo

Ryan and Jenny portrait

This is the latest painting to come off my easel. I finished it over the weekend after working on it for almost two weeks. It is 30 x 40cm in size. Ryan is the little boy and Jenny is the lovely pony he is riding. The painting was painted with acrylics on canvas. I changed up the background a good bit from the reference photos. I added some blurry trees to inject colour into the portrait. It was commissioned as a present for Ryan’s Mum by his Dad. He was very happy with the portrait. I hope you all like it too 🙂

boy on a horse painting

I am including a detailed scan and the reference photo.

Wedding portrait

This is a lovely wedding drawing of two sisters and brother. It was commissioned as a present for their parents. The reference picture I worked from worked very well (photograph is by Tara Aherne). I removed some detail from the background and made it a little lighter. It was a lovely portrait to work on, I wanted to capture the happy moment. I hope I did 🙂

wedding portrait drawing of three siblings

wedding portrait drawing

The portrait was drawn with graphite pencils on Fabriano paper, 35 x 25 cm in size. I used Faber-Castell graphite for this, 2B and 5B. I used to use 4B for most dark areas, but I have recently switched to a darker 5B as I am quite light handed when it comes to shading. It saves a bit of time as I don’t have to layer as much to achieve darkness. Below I am including some progress pictures together with the reference photo.

Couple Painting

I finished this painting today. It is a lovely seaside view from Australia. This painting was commissioned by the lady in the picture as a wedding present for her husband to be. The painting is 20 x 30 cm in size and it is painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. The photo was just beautiful and the colours are very different to an Irish seascape. I wanted to capture the lovely deep reds and turquoise. Besides the usual burnt umber, yellow ochre and ultramarine, I used venetian red and cerulean blue for contrast.

Father Portrait

father portrait in graphite pencil

I have finished working on this portrait today. It is a graphite pencil drawing on Fabriano paper. The size is 25 x 35 cm. The portrait was drawn loosely with graphite pencils HB, 2B, 4B and 5B. I was working from an older photograph that was not very detailed, but because the photo was taken outside under sunny conditions, it gave the face some really lovely shadows. It also showed the features of the face very well. I think it worked out really well for a drawing in graphite. I hope you all like it. 🙂

Emma’s portrait

girl portrait painting

This is my latest large sized portrait to come off the easel. It is 40 x 50 cm in size, painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. I took my time working on this one as I knew how special it was going to be for the client. It was commissioned as a birthday present to the mum of the girl pictured in the portrait. I worked from a good reference photo and took care with my colours. The contrasts and harmonies of the blues, ochres and pinks played the focal point in this portrait. Of course the scan doesn’t do it justice – as it never does with paintings. The texture of the canvas is important when looking at a painting, and that is very much lost in the scanning process. I was quite happy with the finished portrait, and the client was too. She got quite emotional receiving the portrait, as it was a surprise. I hope you all like it too 🙂

I am now working on another family portrait, this time in coloured pencil.

Girl and dog portrait

girl and boxer dog portrait

I have completed this portrait a few weeks ago. It is of a lovely boxer called Alfie and his owner Jacqueline. It was commissioned as a wedding present for Jacqueline to remind her of Alfie, who sadly passed away. He was a very important part in her life and her friends wanted to give her a special gift of his portrait. This is what the client said when the drawing was finished:

“It’s amazing! Cannot get over it. She’s just going to love it”

I just loved the photo I received as a reference. It was taken with a phone and wasn’t very detailed, but the setting was just perfect. It is Jacqueline with Alfie taking their walk on the beach with the sun creating the most wonderful colours. The client was thinking of getting a painting, but I just knew a coloured pencil drawing would work really well. It created a really soft image of the two best friends. I hope you all like it too. The drawing is 30 x 30 cm in size and posted in a mount.

Mother and Son portrait

mother and son portrait in pencil

I completed this portrait a couple of weeks ago. It is a lovely drawing of a mother with her son. The portrait was given to the mum as a birthday present from her partner. I worked from two photos for the composition.

The drawing was 25 x 30 cm in size and drawn with graphite pencils. I used Staedtler graphite pencil HB to 4B.

A couple portrait

family portrait

This is the latest family portrait I have finished. It is of a couple to be married in March. It is a present from the groom to his future bride, both in the picture. The portrait is 50 x 50 cm in size and painted with acrylics on canvas.