Rossnowlagh Beach Painting

This painting was commissioned as a birthday present for the client’s wife. Tom asked me to recreate a photograph of his wife’s favourite spot, Rossnowlagh Beach in county Donegal. The painting was 40 x 60 cm in size and painted with acrylics on fine grade stretched cotton canvas. There was a lot of detail in the photograph which gave me a lot to work with. I wanted to capture the vastness of the beach and create some depth with the mountains in the distance. I worked in a few thin layers of paint. The client collected the painting on his way home from a trip abroad. He was very happy with the finished painting and sent me a lovely email:

Hi Ivana, the painting looks fantastic, brilliant job. and really impressive. This will make a great birthday present for my wife. Its a wonderful talent you have. Tom

acrylic painting of rossnowlagh beach in donegal

As usual, I took photos of the finished painting as it would hang on the wall. I am also including some close-up photos and the reference photograph I worked from.

Labrador Flo in heather

This is Flo, a lovely black labrador retriever. I completed her portrait a week ago for her owner. Flo loves her walks in the Irish hills and the client wanted this in the painting. The painting is 30 x 30 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. Flo is sitting in some lovely heathers and long grasses. I love the colours in the photo, the rich browns and ochres work very well. The client was very happy with the finished painting. I hope you all like it too.

black labrador retriever dog painting

I took some photos of the painting in progress. I am including them below together with the reference photo and some photographs of the finished canvas.

Couple Painting

I finished this painting today. It is a lovely seaside view from Australia. This painting was commissioned by the lady in the picture as a wedding present for her husband to be. The painting is 20 x 30 cm in size and it is painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. The photo was just beautiful and the colours are very different to an Irish seascape. I wanted to capture the lovely deep reds and turquoise. Besides the usual burnt umber, yellow ochre and ultramarine, I used venetian red and cerulean blue for contrast.

Family portrait from St. Andrews

I have finished working on this portrait during the week. I have taken a photograph of the canvas and scanned a section of it to show the detail of the main subjects. The canvas is quite large at 50 x 60 cm. The picture was taken at the St. Andrews golf course and it is going to be given as a birthday present.

family portrait painting from st. andrews

The painting has a few sections to it and it required a lot of attention. I think it turned out quite well, especially the bridge and stream (I have a soft spot for painting stone and water:) I am including some detail pictures of the main subjects too.

For the painting, I used a little less umbers and more venetian red and yellow ochre to create earth tones. I carried this mixture through to the skin tones. For blues I used ultramarine and cobalt. To create the greens of the grass, I again used yellow ochre, ultramarine blue and venetian red.

father and son portrait painting from st. andrews

Streetscape painting

I have just finished on a somewhat unusual commission for me – a streetscape. The painting is 35 x 45 cm in size and it is painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. It took a while for me to paint this one due to the amount of elements in the photo. There was a lot of colours used, but I tried to keep my palette restricted so as to preserve the harmony in the painting. It is a night scene too which made it even more interesting for me. I could really play with the contrast of the lights and the dark shadows. I think painting in the lights at the end was like a cherry on a cake. It made the painting really come together. Anyway, I hope you all like it.

I know I haven’t been posting for a while. I have been very busy in the studio, but holiday comes at last. I will have some time off. But before I do that, I will update the blog with some recent paintings and drawings that I didn’t get a chance to put up.

streetscape at night - acrylic painting

Drawing of Rathsallagh House in Wicklow

I have finished working on the Rathsallagh House drawing today. I have scanned it now and matched it to the original. The detailed images below show the drawing at its real scale. I used graphite pencils ranging from HB to 6B and for the tint I used polychroma pencils in yellow ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna, cobalt blue and earth green. It worked out quite well I think. The client had a picture taken on a frosty December morning and wanted to translate that in the picture. I think the cobalt blue really worked here. I used it on the grass and the roof. I hope the client likes it too 🙂

Drawing of Rathsallagh House in county Wicklow Ireland
Drawing of Rathsallagh House in county Wicklow, Ireland