horse drawing

This is a small horse portrait I worked on in August. The horse is Afriska ‘Frisk’ and it was commissioned by his owner as a keepsake. I worked from two photos, one for the pose and one for the detail. I used graphite pencils on Fabriano paper. The size is 20 x 25 cm.

Milly’s portrait framed

I received a lovely email from this year’s first client. It was a painting of Milly, the horse that the client trained. She had the painting framed and it is now hanging in her home.


I think the frame works really well with the painting and the surrounding wall. I used some reds in the bottom of the painting which accidentally matches the client’s wall. I love those happy accidents ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the gold frame really compliments the browns and ochres I used in the portrait.

And this is what the client had to say:

Just wanted to send a photo of your wonderful painting of Milly, framed and up on the wall! The framemakers were even admiring it today when I picked it up!

Thank you so much, could not have a better memory of Milly!


Today I finished another painting, a portrait of a man. It is now hanging in my studio and I am going to scan it in the next couple of days. I will post it once it is approved by the client. Next up is a drawing of two dogs.

I have some website changes coming up over the next few weeks. I am going to refresh the gallery pages on the website with some newer work. I am also going to add some detailed pages for the paintings which are not available at the moment. So keep checking the site ๐Ÿ™‚


Ryan and Jenny portrait

This is the latest painting to come off my easel. I finished it over the weekend after working on it for almost two weeks. It is 30 x 40cm in size. Ryan is the little boy and Jenny is the lovely pony he is riding. The painting was painted with acrylics on canvas. I changed up the background a good bit from the reference photos. I added some blurry trees to inject colour into the portrait. It was commissioned as a present for Ryan’s Mum by his Dad. He was very happy with the portrait. I hope you all like it too ๐Ÿ™‚

boy on a horse painting

I am including a detailed scan and the reference photo.

Horse painting Milly

This is the first painting of 2017. It is of a brown horse called Milly. The painting was commissioned by a client from Kilkenny. I completed a painting of another horse for her last year, so I was delighted she has returned with another commission this year. Milly is just beautiful and I had good photos to work from. The painting is 30 x 60 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched canvas.

brown horse portrait painting and detail

I am also including some progress photos and the reference photo.

A brand new horse portrait of Arlie

This is the latest horse portrait I have completed of a beautiful mare Arlie. Her portrait was commissioned by her trainer. Arlie was educated by the client and she performed at the RDS in 2015 in the 6yo class. I asked Linda about Arlie’s personality before painting her portrait, as I wanted to really capture her in the painting. I knew she was very special to Linda. This is what she said: “Arlie was always bright and happy looking, like in the photo, it was like she didnt know how to be any other way, happiness was the only state of mind she knew and it was contagious to anyone working with her!”

brown horse portrait

The portrait is 40 x 60 cm in size and I worked with acrylics on stretched canvas. I worked mainly with burnt umber and burnt sienna for the portrait, creating mixes with ultramarine blue and titanium white. The background was meant to create some atmosphere in the painting. I wanted to create a feeling of Arlie’s head almost coming out of the picture, as this is what Linda said about what it meant to sell Arlie: “I will always miss her beautiful head looking over the stable door, with her happy curious expression waiting to see whatยดs happening next!”

horse portrait detail

Three horses in a field

I have finished working on this painting over the weekend. I scanned it today and tried to match it as closely to the original as I could. The painting is 30 x 30 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched cotton canvas. I will be painting the sides of the canvas with a neutral colour. I hope you all like it.

three horses in a field painting in acrylics on canvas

White Horse Painting

I have finished this white horse painting yesterday morning. It was such an enjoyable painting to work on. The plan originally was to create a subtle landscape background with some greenery, but at the last minute I have decided to keep it much simpler. By just using a soft mixture of cobalt blue, titanium white and burnt sienna I was hoping to reflect the colour used on the horse itself. This was my first painting of a horse. I have worked on a horse and jockey portrait in January, in graphite pencil. The horse is white, but lots of colours have gone into the painting, mostly raw umber, burnt sienna, cobalt blue, cadmium red and ultramarine blue. I kept the palette to these colours only and felt that it has worked to keep the painting soft and harmonious.

I have included the final scan of the horse painting below, together with some photographs I took of the canvas when it was finished.The scan is really close to the original painting, even though some of the pictures look bluer than the painting actually is. I painted the sides blue to match the background. The original painting is now available to buy from Ebay. View the listing. Prints and cards will be available for purchase on my Fine Art America site soon.

white horse portrait painting in acrylic on canvas
White Horse Portrait Painting in Acrylic on Canvas
White horse portrait painting on canvas
White Horse Painting on Canvas
white horse portrait painting in acrylic on canvas
White Horse Portrait Painting – Canvas Detail

Horse and Jockey Portrait in Pencil

Below is the final scan of the horse and jockey portrait drawing I have been working on for the past few days. It is 25 x 20cm (10″ x 8″) in size, it is drawn with graphite pencils on Fabriano paper. The pencils I used were a combination of Staedtler and Daler Rowney in 2H to 6B in softness. The drawing is now awaiting client’s approval. It will then be mounted in a soft white mount with backing board ready for collection by the client.

I really enjoyed working on this portrait. I just love the reference photograph from the client and it was a pleasure shading all the muscles and details of the horse and jockey in motion.

I will be updating my gallery page soon with all the new commissions from before and after Christmas. Many were given as Christmas gifts and some as birthday gifts this year. 2013 is to a good start and I am very excited about what new commissions and challenges will I be working on this year.

horse and jockey portrait in pencil
Horse and Jockey Portrait in Grahite Pencil