Father and Daughter Portrait

This portrait was completed a couple of weeks ago. I really enjoyed working on this painting. The colours in the photo are just beautiful and I wanted to capture the sunlight and the shadows it creates on the clothing and faces. The portrait features a father with his daughter at a skiing competition. The reference photo was a selfie as you can see from the arm reflected in the dad’s glasses.

father and daughter portrait

The painting is 30 x 30 cm in size and painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. I took some photographs of the painting in progress and the finished painting too. I hope you all like it.

Father – work in progress

father portrait wip

I have started working on this portrait yesterday. I have completed the sketch with a HB pencil and I am now moving onto darker shading. The portrait is drawn with graphite on paper 25 x 35 cm in size.

Portrait Painting in progress

family portrait from st.andrews work in progress

This is a brand new portrait painting of a father and son. The backdrop is St. Andrews in Scotland. The portrait is 50 x 60 cm in size. I have now completed the first few stages of the painting. Next I will be working on the background mainly and before I finish off the painting I will adjust the skin tones again.

Family Portrait – work in progress

This is the newest portrait I have been working on. It was commissioned as a birthday present for the client’s husband. The picture is of his father. The drawing is 25 x 25 cm in size and I am now working on the shading. I will post the final scan in a couple of days.

portrait in progress

Family Portrait in Progress

I am now working on a brand new portrait. It is a pencil portrait 10 x 12 inches (25 x 30cm) in size. It is of the client’s father who sadly passed away. It is going to be a special keepsake for the client. I have completed the sketch over the last couple of days and I am now working on the shading. The reference photo is very good and I am only making one change to the clothes. The client asked to have a tie and shirt buttoned up to the top as her father was a very dapper man. Below is a photo I took this morning. I will have the finished scan ready by the end of the week.

pencil family portraits - work in progress
Family Portrait in pencil – work in progress

Three Black Labradors – Pencil Portrait

I have finished this portrait earlier in the week. I was so busy in the studio with all my commissions, that I didn’t scan it straight away. Here it is though, I think it is looking quite well. I hope the client will like it. I just love labradors (well, of course, I have one too :)). This is a portrait of three black ones called Pippa, Kohla and Murphy. Kohla is the mother of the other two. I thought it was lovely to have them all in the same portrait. The drawing is drawn with graphite pencils on paper and it is 35 x 25 cm (14 x 10 inches) in size. I have a mount ready to go for it and I will mount it as soon as I hear from the client.

three black labradors portrait in pencil
Portrait of three black labradors

I am now working away on another portrait in pencil. It is a lovely vintage wedding portrait. It was commissioned as a present for the bride who is celebrating a wonderful 70th Birthday next week. Unfortunately her husband has passed away only recently, so the portrait will be a wonderful reminder of their life together. This is a present from her daughter. I will be finishing off this portrait over the weekend and post the scan when finished. I have one more portrait to do before Easter and it is a very interesting one of a guitarist.

vintage wedding portrait in progress
Wedding Portrait in progress

Bride portrait in progress – step 4

This is the next stage of the bride portrait I have been working on. I have added some detail on the bride and dress. There is lots more detail to go on and I will be finishing the painting tomorrow.

Bride portrait - step 4
Bride portrait – step 4

Bride portrait in progress

I have made more progress on the bride portrait I am currently working on. Firstly, I put down an under painting over the skin areas. I used a mixture of raw umber and white which will work great as a base for adding skin tones at a later stage. Today, I spent most of the day working on the background. I wanted to do this before adding skin tones as the background colours will effect how skin colours are appearing in the portrait. Photographs of the two steps are below. Tomorrow, I will be working mostly on the bride and her dress.

Bride portrait in progress - step 3
Bride portrait in progress – step 3
Bride portrait in progress - step 2
Bride portrait in progress – step 2

Bride portrait in progress

This is a new portrait I have started working on on Friday. I have put down the sketch in the first step. The next step will be to start putting down under-painting for skin tones together with shading the background. The portrait is 40 x 50cm in size and I am painting with acrylics on stretched canvas. I will post progress images as I develop the painting further.

Bride portrait in progress - step 1
Bride portrait in progress – step 1

Family portrait – stage 1

This is a new family portrait of two lovely boys I have been working on. I started on Friday with some outlines and it is still quite sketchy. I will be adding much more detail and shading today and tomorrow with a view to finish the portrait tomorrow afternoon, as it is a Christmas present.

The portrait is 12″ x 10″ (30 x 25cm) in size and I am working with a HB graphite pencil to start with.

Family portraits in pencil - stage 1
Family portrait of two boys - stage 1