This painting was commissioned as a birthday present for the client’s wife. Tom asked me to recreate a photograph of his wife’s favourite spot, Rossnowlagh Beach in county Donegal. The painting was 40 x 60 cm in size and painted with acrylics on fine grade stretched cotton canvas. There was a lot of detail in the photograph which gave me a lot to work with. I wanted to capture the vastness of the beach and create some depth with the mountains in the distance. I worked in a few thin layers of paint. The client collected the painting on his way home from a trip abroad. He was very happy with the finished painting and sent me a lovely email:

Hi Ivana, the painting looks fantastic, brilliant job. and really impressive. This will make a great birthday present for my wife. Its a wonderful talent you have. Tom

acrylic painting of rossnowlagh beach in donegal

As usual, I took photos of the finished painting as it would hang on the wall. I am also including some close-up photos and the reference photograph I worked from.