The time is flying, a new year has begun and I wanted to wish everybody a very happy one. I wanted to thank all of you who are following my blog and all my portrait adventures and all of my clients who have commissioned artworks in the past year. 2018 was another very busy year for me and although it started somewhat slow in January, the rest of the year was full of exciting challenges. I completed 55 artworks for 51 clients, including pet portraits, family portraits, a couple of landscapes and one building. Family portraits were very popular last year, especially wedding portraits, paintings and drawings alike.
I was so busy in fact, that keeping up the blog has been quite the challenge, but as always I will keep on playing catch up 🙂

three paintings
Three family portraits created with acrylics on canvas, 20 x 25 cm in size

Here are three portraits I completed in autumn for clients of their family members that were given as wedding and engagement presents for the couples in the paintings. The paintings were challenging due to the small sizes, all at just 20 x 25 cm, so adding small detail was not possible. They are all painted with acrylics on stretched fine grain canvas. The colours were very different, two of the portraits featuring a mediterranean landscape and one taken in India with the wonderful indian colour scheme. When the paintings were finished, the clients came to visit me in the studio to have a look at the completed canvases. They were delighted with them and have since commissioned another painting which I will be working on in a couple of weeks.