This was my first painting to work on in 2019. It is a painting of Mount Errigal mountain in county Donegal. It is 30 x 60 cm in size and painted with acrylics on stretched canvas.

acrylic landscape painting
Mount Errigal, County Donegal, 30 x 60 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas

The painting was a gift to my husband’s friend who lives in the wonderful Roundwood in county Wicklow. She often stays in Donegal and climbed Errigal on a few occasions, so the mountain is very close to her heart. I have a great love of mountains and hiking myself so it was a dream project to work on for me. I wanted to capture the shape of the mountain, the uneven terrain and rocks partly covered by snow, with the contrast of the autumn colours in the foreground.

a detailed view of the Mt Errigal painting
Detail of the painting

Marjorie was really happy with the finished painting and sent me a lovely email:

Dear Ivana, I LOVE IT!!  Thank you so much for the wonderful painting of Mt Errigal. It is superb. You are a very talented artist. Being minus any ability in that area I am so amazed at how you can represent something so accurately and beautifully. I can now transport myself to my favourite place easily as I look at your painting. I am full of gratitude.

Marjorie, county wicklow

Marjorie decided to hang the painting unframed, so I added a cord to the back of the canvas. I took some photos which you can see below. I add a tag with my website details to every canvas too.