A few months ago I was contacted by Brendan Power from Fethard on Sea in county Wexford. He contacted me on behalf of the local community group. They are working on a project to build a replica of the Helen Blake Lifeboat which sank in 1914 with the loss of nine lives while going to the aid of a Norwegian schooner. To coincide with this, Mr Power is writing a book that details the tragedy. He wanted to publish and show images of each of the nine crewmen that perished, however the photographs he had were of poor quality. As a result, he was looking for nine artists to donate a portrait each of one of the seamen. I happily obliged and created a drawing of James Morrissey. The portrait is now displayed on the Helen Blake website here http://www.thehelenblake.com/gallery/

The original drawing will be displayed in the building that will house the boat when finished. The drawing is 20 x 30 cm in size and drawn with black graphite pencils on paper. I put the drawing into a neutral coloured mount as usual. The photo I worked from was quite poor in quality and I had to create an impression of James as best as I could.

james morrissey portrait
The portrait of James Morrissey 1875-1914, black graphite pencil on paper, 20 x 30 cm