I worked on Cuan’s portrait a few weeks ago. She is a beautiful Irish Wolfhound puppy. This is how the client described her:

She’s an almost 6 month old puppy.  She can be a little excitable but I’m sure a lot tamer than most puppies. She’s very obedient, always wanting to please. Can be a little shy with strangers. She’s a gem really. 

Aoife, dublin
Cuan the Irish Wolfhound, acrylic on canvas 35 x 45 cm

The painting was commissioned as a birthday gift for the client’s partner. She was delighted with the finished painting when she came to collect it. She also wrote me a lovely email:

It looks great! You’ve captured her perfectly. Thank you so much !

Aoife, dublin
Close up view of the painting

The painting is 35 x 45 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. The original reference photo was a little cut off at Cuan’s paws and tail, so I asked Aoife for more pictures. I added the tail as it has a gorgeous black tip and I wanted to capture this in the painting. I removed some details from the background, but everything else is as in the reference. The rug in the foreground added some colour and contrasts well with her fur.