This is the latest family portrait painting I worked on this August. The painting was small in size at 30 x 20 cm painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. The painting was given as a present to the little boy in the picture, now grown up. His mother passed away suddenly last year and his wife wanted to give him a very special present for moving into their new house.

The finished painting before posting

The client wanted me to change the background to a simple shaded one. She wanted it to be purple as this was the mother’s favourite colour. I was not fully convinced about the purple, but it worked out quite well. I used only a handful of pigments for the portrait to work in harmony. I think it worked, the client was very happy with the finished painting:

Ivana that looks amazing! You’ve done a fantastic job!

Jessica, Blanchardstown, Dublin
Mother and son sharing a hug, 30 x 20 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas

I took a photograph of the initial sketch and then of the finished painting. I have a very handy white shelf in my studio where I usually put my finished work. I then take photos of each one before posting. I am also including the reference photo.