This is my latest pet portrait to come off the easel. I finished it just last week and features two very cute bichon frise dogs called Oscar and Roux.

The portrait of Oscar and Roux, 20 x 25 cm acrylic on stretched canvas

I had two reference photographs to work with for the painting, one for each dog. I put them together into one composition, as if sitting beside each other on the blanket. I purposefully kept the background plain as there is a lot happening in the dog’s fur, so many curls 🙂 ! The painting is painted with acrylics on stretched canvas 20 x 25 cm in size. I wanted to create a harmonious portrait so I kept the colour muted. The red colour of Oscar’s bow brings in some lovely colour and I used the red in the mix of the background too. It brings a nice warmth into the painting.

Detail of Oscar

The client was very happy with the scan I emailed her. She is collecting the painting on Wednesday so I will try and take a picture with her and the painting.

Oh my goodness, it’s beautiful Ivana… I absolutely love it. You totally captured them.. thank you

Paula, Dublin, Ireland
  • Initial sketch
  • Colour blocking
  • Colour blocking
  • Finishing the portrait
  • The side of the canvas
  • Client photo
  • Client photo
  • The finished portrait of Oscar and Roux