I was contacted by Adrian last November to create a portrait of his family on a short notice. The portrait traveled all the way to Romania and was given to the grandfather of the client’s children in the photo. It was a surprise birthday gift from the grandchildren to their grandfather.

Family drawing of three siblings, 20 x 40 cm, graphite pencil on paper

The client was delighted with the finished portrait and sent me a lovely email before travelling:

   Good morning! Thank you so much for the beautiful drawing. It is really what they were looking for and will be the perfect present for a parent at their 70th celebration! And thank you also for finishing it much faster then the ,,deadline” ?

Adrian, Ireland
Close up of the portrait

The drawing is 20 x 40 cm in size and drawn with black graphite pencils on paper. I worked in several stages as usual starting with a detailed line sketch with a HB pencil. I moved onto shading once I was happy that I captured the likeness of each subject. I worked my way across the page and then re-evaluated each person and the drawing as a whole.

Finished drawing

I mounted the finished drawing in a neutral coloured mount before posting.

Finished drawing in a mount

Adrian wrote me another email upon his return from Romania. The gift was very well received by his father:

  Hello Ivana! A big ,,THANK YOU” for your drawing and only the best for you from the family which have such a nice present made by you! For these great memories I would like to thank you as well… Art is from the soul…you have the prove for this!!! ?

Adrian, Ireland