I painted Albie’s portrait with acrylics back in December. I wanted to capture the rich reds in her coat. She is so beautiful in the photo the client gave me and I really wanted to do her justice. The painting is 25 x 20 cm in size.

Albie the red dachshund cross, 25 x 20 cm acrylic on stretched canvas

Her portrait was commissioned as a Christmas present for her owner. The client was interested in a drawing at first but after I showed her a few examples of my work, she changed her mind to an acrylic painting. I thought it was important to capture Albie’s colour in a portrait so it was either a painting or a coloured pencil drawing.

Finished dog painting on canvas

I think the painting worked out really well at the end and the client was delighted with the result. The painting is painted on thin stretched canvas. I took some photographs of the progress and I am also including the reference photo.

I firstly started with a line sketch in yellow ochre followed by colour blocking with some basic colours. I use two and up to four coats of paint washes in detailed areas such as eyes, nose and muzzle.

I am currently working on a lovely large painting of two King Charles dogs that I can’t wait to share with you all. I will be finished next week and I will post it then. If you would like to commission your own painting, please contact me on info@trueimage.ie