Horse painting Milly

This is the first painting of 2017. It is of a brown horse called Milly. The painting was commissioned by a client from Kilkenny. I completed a painting of another horse for her last year, so I was delighted she has returned with another commission this year. Milly is just beautiful and I had good photos to work from. The painting is 30 x 60 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched canvas.

brown horse portrait painting and detail

I am also including some progress photos and the reference photo.

Three horses in a field

I have finished working on this painting over the weekend. I scanned it today and tried to match it as closely to the original as I could. The painting is 30 x 30 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched cotton canvas. I will be painting the sides of the canvas with a neutral colour. I hope you all like it.

three horses in a field painting in acrylics on canvas