Toby the collie

I completed this portrait two weeks ago. Toby is so lovely here, I really wanted to capture his beautiful expression. The client provided me with lots of reference photos and a lot of them involved Toby jumping up onto his owner’s lap. I thought it would be lovely to capture this in the painting. She was very emotional when she picked up the painting and the client was delighted his girlfriend liked the portrait so much and sent me a lovely email:

Just want to say a very big thank you for work on this, it looks fantastic and you could see for yourself how moved she was by its likeness. Will definitely have no hesitation in recommending you to friends/family in future

Thanks again, Stephen

collie painting

The painting is 30 x 40 cm in size and painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. Toby was a black and white collie with gorgeous eyes. I used burnt umber and ultramarine blue for the blacks and the background.



Labrador and Collie Portrait – step 1

I started on this drawing yesterday and I have now completed the initial sketch. The pet portrait is of a black labrador Monty and a collie Jessie and it is drawn at 14 x 18 inches (35 x 45 cm) size. I am using Staedtler graphite pencils on Fabriano paper with 50% cotton. The background will be a simple landscape with some grass in the front. The portrait is commissioned as a keepsake for the owner of Monty and Jessie. The two of them look so great together and they love spending time together so hopefully the portrait will show this.

In the next stage, I will start detailing Monty first (as I work left to right so as not to smudge) together with the background and I will upload progress photos.

labrador and collie dog portrait in pencil - stage 1
Labrador Monty and Collie Jessie – pet portrait in progress