Buster, Holly, Casey and Socks

This is a painting I worked on in January for a return client. I created a drawing of three of her dogs a year ago and since then the client rescued Socks. She wanted to include him in the portrait too and asked me to create an acrylic painting this time. The photos she gave me were excellent and it was a pleasure to create this painting. I worked in a wide landscape format of 30 x 90 cm, on stretched fine grain canvas. I used acrylic paints, working with only a few colours for harmony. The dogs are from left to right, Buster the collie, Holly the beagle, Casey the terrier and Socks the shorthaired pointer.

four dogs painting

I took some photos of the progress and the finished painting.

Labrador and Collie Dog Portrait in Pencil

Today I have finished working on Monty’s and Jessie’s pet portrait. It was a slow process, but I am happy with the result and I hope the client will like it too. Below, I have included a scan of the entire drawing together with a detailed view of Monty’s and Jessie’s face.

It was a nice pet portrait to work on. I think the pose of both dogs is lovely, the way they are so happy in each other’s company.

labrador and collie dog portrait in graphite pencil by true image fine art
Labrador and Collie Dog Portrait in Pencil
labrador and collie pet portrait in pencil
Labrador and Collie Dog Portrait in Pencil – detail

Labrador and Collie Portrait – step 2

This is the next stage of labrador Monty’s and collie Jessie’s pet portrait. I have detailed Monty’s face and chest and added some background in the form of trees and grass behind him.
It is a slow process and in the next stage I will be detailing Jessie’s head and body together with the background.

labrador and collie dog portrait in pencil on paper - step 2
Monty’s and Jessie’s portrait – step 2