Lucy and Cody

I completed this portrait last week. It is of two brown and white springer spaniels named Lucy and Cody. Lucy, Cody’s mother, is on the left and Cody is on the right. This portrait was commissioned as a present for the client’s partner. It is 50 x 50 cm in size and I worked with acrylics on stretched canvas. I used larger brushes for this portrait to create a looser painting with some expressive brush strokes. Smaller brushes were then used for the details on the dogs’ faces. I scanned the painting and I am including a detail of each dog.

two springer spaniels painting

springer spaniel portrait detail

springer spaniel painting detail

Chihuahua ‘Molly’

chihuahua portrait painting

This is the latest painting to come off my easel. I added some finishing touches to it today and scanned it this evening. The painting is of Molly the lovely chihuahua. It is 20 x 25 cm in size and painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. I really loved the reference photograph. Molly is sitting on a chair covered with a bright pink blanket. The pinks are reflected in her fur and I really wanted to capture this in the portrait. I concentrated most of the detail on Molly’s head, especially her nose and eyes. I hope you all like it.

I am also including some work in progress photos I took when painting. Up next is a portrait of three dogs at Ardgillan Castle in north Dublin.

German Shepherd Portrait

I have finished working on the latest portrait today. It is of Zeus, the lovely german shepherd that I have been working on for the last few days. It is 25 x 35 cm in size painted on stretched canvas. I just love his majestic pose and I wanted to capture that in the painting. The background was left out of focus for Zeus to pop off the image. I used raw umber for the base as usual and then worked in ultramarine, burnt sienna, yellow ochre and titanium white to flesh out the painting.

german shepherd portrait in acrylic on canvas
Portrait of Zeus the German Shepherd