Thatched Cottage Drawing

I created this drawing for a return client a couple of weeks ago. He commissioned it as a present for his brother who lives in the US. They both grew up in the cottage which is no longer there. This is the third portrait I created for the same client. The drawing is 25 x 30 cm in size and drawn with graphite pencils on paper.

cottage drawing

Drawing of Rathsallagh House in Wicklow

I have finished working on the Rathsallagh House drawing today. I have scanned it now and matched it to the original. The detailed images below show the drawing at its real scale. I used graphite pencils ranging from HB to 6B and for the tint I used polychroma pencils in yellow ochre, burnt umber, burnt sienna, cobalt blue and earth green. It worked out quite well I think. The client had a picture taken on a frosty December morning and wanted to translate that in the picture. I think the cobalt blue really worked here. I used it on the grass and the roof. I hope the client likes it too 🙂

Drawing of Rathsallagh House in county Wicklow Ireland
Drawing of Rathsallagh House in county Wicklow, Ireland

Drawing of Rathsallagh House in Wicklow – work in progress

This is a new drawing I am working on. I started yesterday and I have completed the first step of the drawing process. The client wanted to show some colouring in the drawing, so I will be adding some tint to the entire drawing next, together with darkening the shadow areas, and working out the details. The drawing will be finished in the next day or so and I will post a scan of the finished drawing when done. The drawing is a bespoke size of 15 x 40 cm (6 x 16 inches) to contour the shape of the building. It is drawn with graphite pencils on Fabriano 5 paper. You can see the texture of the paper in the photographs, it is working really lovely at the moment. The photos are of course a little dark, but the final scan will show all the detail.

house drawing in pencil - work in progress