Portrait Drawing

This is a portrait I completed for FBD. It is of Andrew Langford and it will be placed in the office with other similar portraits of previous managers. The drawing is 30 x 30 cm in size and drawn with graphite pencils on paper. I will be mounting and posting it tomorrow and I will take some photos of how it looks mounted.drawing of a man

I took some photos of the finished mounted portrait:

Basset Hounds Portrait

This is the final scan of the finished drawing of Jasmine and Daisy – the very cute basset hounds. I really enjoyed working on their dog portrait. Their eyes are so expressive and their expressions so individualistic. You can really tell their personality just by looking at them. The client is gifting this portrait to the owners of Jasmine and Daisy for Christmas and I hope they will like it. I am also including a close-up of the dogs’ faces for more detail. The drawing is 10 x 14 inches in size.

Next up is another drawing, a dog portrait of a golden labrador retriever called Joey. I will be starting on this portrait soon, so watch this space for updates.

basset hounds' dog portrait in pencil on paper
Jasmine and Daisy – basset hounds’ dog portrait in pencil on paper
basset hounds dog portrait - detail
Jasmine and Daisy – basset hounds portrait – detail