Ruth and Yogi

lady and dog painting detail This is the latest family portrait I completed this month. It was 60 x 60 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. It captures the client’s wife and her beloved shepherd dog Yogi. She is an avid horse rider and brings Yogi with her when riding. The client, her husband, wanted to give her something special for their wedding anniversary. He was very pleased with the result. Because the canvas was quite large, I took photographs instead of scanning it. Unfortunately, they don’t do it justice when it comes to lighting and colour. I matched it as well as I could, but a lot of the brush strokes are not visible in the photo.
woman and dog portrait painting

client reference for a photo
client photo

A couple portrait

family portrait

This is the latest family portrait I have finished. It is of a couple to be married in March. It is a present from the groom to his future bride, both in the picture. The portrait is 50 x 50 cm in size and painted with acrylics on canvas.

Website Update

Since finishing work on Alfred’s portrait, I have been updating the website with all the recently worked on portraits. I have created new pages for each one of the six new artworks and included them on my gallery page. The new artworks include two pencil family portraits, a lovely pencil portrait of ‘Baxter’ the lively springer spaniel who loves to play on the beach. I have also worked on a few acrylic paintings in the last few weeks. The new paintings include a portrait of a bride, a beautiful scenic portrait of Alfred the dalmatian from county Wicklow and a portrait of Robin the rottweiler who has sadly passed away this year and is missed terribly by her owners.

Today I will be starting work on a brand new wildlife painting. First stage photographs will follow tomorrow.

Bride portrait final scan

Today I have finished working on the bride portrait. I scanned it then in the afternoon, which took a while since it is a larger painting. I had to scan it in six pieces and put together on Photoshop. I think I have to get a bigger scanner, life is too short for A4 :-). Anyway, I think the portrait worked out really well. I worked very hard to get the detail and colouring right. I used acrylic paints on stretched canvas which I primed in house. The reference photograph was really good and that made all the difference.

I will be working on Alfred’s portrait next week. Alfred is a lovely Dalmatian that sadly passed away and his owners wanted a portrait to remind them of him.

Bride portrait in acrylic on canvas
Bride Portrait in Acrylic on Canvas