Drawing of Lily

This is a drawing of Lily, the beautiful springer spaniel whose portrait I worked on in September. It was commissioned as a present for Lily’s owner by his wife. She wanted me to capture Lily in her element outside with a backdrop of the hills she lives close to a loves to hunt in. The photograph I worked from was lovely and had a lot of detail for me to explore in the drawing. The client decided to go with a pencil drawing which worked really well with the photo. The drawing is 20 x 20 cm in size and drawn with graphite pencils HB to 8B.

springer spaniel portrait

The client was very happy with the drawing and sent me a lovely email:

Hi Ivana, wow it looks amazing! You have really captured Lily and the background is so perfect, just like home. I can’t wait to see it, Paula.

Below are some progress photos and the reference photo.

Four Keeshonds Drawing

This was my first time to create a portrait of keeshonds. The client commissioned this drawing of his dogs as a keepsake. They were Ashia, Kody, Rambo and Sky. He was a little concerned about me capturing their likeness as they look so similar, but he was very happy with the result and wrote me a lovely email:

It looks fantastic I am really happy with it. Thank you very much again, you really captured them all really well. Regards, Eoghan

four dogs drawing

The drawing was a wide landscape so the dogs can be arranged beside each other. I wanted them to look as if sitting together. I worked from several photos to create the composition. I have included the photos below together with some detailed photos of the portrait. The drawing was 30 x 60cm in size drawn with graphite pencils on Fabriano 5 paper. I worked with my favourite pencils by Staedtler in HB, 2B, 4B and 6B.