White Horse Painting

Reference Photograph

white horse reference photographs

Portrait Information

Drawing size: 25 x 30 cm (10" x 12")
Medium: acrylic on canvas
Year of Completion: 2013
Country: Ireland

About the Commission

This horse portrait painting is based on a photograph I took when on a trip in Westport, Ireland. I painted it mainly as an addition to my gallery here, as it is my first equine painting. I used acrylic paints on stretched canvas 25 x 30cm in size.
The photograph was taken during a very sunny day (a very rare occasion in Ireland) and I wanted to capture this in the painting. I emphasised the shadows and highlights on the horse's muzzle and forehead. The background was kept simple.

The Drawing in Progress

white horse portrait painting in progress photographs

The Completed Portrait

equine painting on canvas

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