I was commissioned to create this family portrait as a christening present for them from the baby’s godmother. She wanted to give the young couple something very special as a keepsake and a christening gift. The photograph was beautiful and the only one I had to work from. Sometimes professional photos are more challenging to work from than one taken spontaneously as a lot of detail is edited away. The blacks were very black in the reference so I made the portrait a little softer. I wanted to make the portrait special and unique.

A young couple and baby portrait, 25 x 20 cm, pencil on paper

The drawing is 25 x 20 cm in size. I worked with graphite pencils on Fabriano 5 paper. I recently made a slight switch with my pencils from Staedtler Mars Lumograph to Staedtler Mars Lumograph Black. The black pencils contain a mixture of graphite and charcoal. This means they draw darker due to the charcoal content, but can still be sharpened for detailed work as graphite. I am really happy with these because the darks are much deeper now and they don’t have a sheen. The pencils are a little hard to get here in Ireland, but I order them in bulk to set myself for a while.

close up of a family portrait
Detail of the parents
baby portrait detail
Detail of the baby

I took some close up photos of the finished drawing with and without the mount. The client was delighted with the final portrait.