I created this painting of Grace a few weeks ago. It was a birthday present for the client’s girlfriend. Grace is her dog and is loved dearly. The client gave me lots of photos of this very cute maltese dog. He wanted me to capture her unique personality and having her tongue out was one of the main features. Grace is a very happy dog and I wanted this to come through in the painting.

Grace, the maltese dog portrait, 40 x 30 cm, acrylic on canvas

Her portrait is painted with acrylics and is 30 x 40 cm in size. The client and I chose a photo of her in some long grass. She is quite small, so most of the photos he had were taken looking down at Grace. We picked a photo that had the most natural angle. The colours work well too with the pink of the tongue against the green grass. Grace’s snow white fur pops from darker background.

Detail of Grace’s portrait

The client was delighted with the finished painting and his girlfriend was too when she received it:

Hey Ivana! That looks great, I love it….. Thanks Ivana, received it and Amy is very happy with the painting. Thank you so much!

Karl, Dublin

As usual I took some photos of when I was painting. Together with some detailed photos of the painting, I am also including the reference photo the painting is based on.