This is an acrylic painting of the beautiful collie dog Bess. I worked on her portrait last November. It was very fitting for the time of the year to paint a portrait of a dog in snow. It really put me in the mood for the approaching holiday season.

Bess the collie dog, 25 x 35 cm, acrylic on stretched canvas

Bess’s portrait is 25 x 35 cm in size painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. The reference I worked from was a photo of a hard copy photo that the client emailed me. The photo being a little older did not offer a lot in terms of detail but really worked when it came to the composition and lighting. The client emailed me some digital photos of Bess so I was able to use the detail from those in the painting. Her painting was a very special Christmas gift as Bess had to be put to sleep just two weeks before her portrait was commissioned.

Finished painting of Bess

The client was delighted with the finished painting:

I wanted to let you know that I received the portrait and it’s beautiful. Thank you so so much. Hope you have a lovely Christmas.

Karen, Galway, Ireland

I worked on the portrait in a few stages starting with an acrylic sketch in yellow ochre. I adjusted the image slightly adding the rest of Bess’s paws which were cut off in the image. I also removed the red brick from the background. I thought it disrupted the image taking the focus away from Bess. The leaves worked well in the top right corner adding some depth. I took some photos while the painting was in progress: