Welcome to the People Portraits Gallery!

The drawings in my gallery are drawn with graphite pencil on paper. The paintings are painted with acrylics on stretched canvas. I also occasionally work in coloured pencil on paper for clients that prefer a full colour drawing.

The gallery shows examples of some of my previous family portrait commissions. I have created portraits of children, group family portraits and wedding portraits to name a few.

I often work from more than one reference photo, especially for group family portraits. I always prepare a portrait proof / mock up for clients, which shows the composition of a portrait and gives the client an idea of how a portrait might work.

I can work from a recent photograph or from a vintage photograph. I have recently worked on some vintage portraits, which work particularly well in graphite pencil.

father and mother pencil portrait

Parents at a Wedding Drawing
2022, 20 x 30 cm, graphite pencil on paper
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groom and parents pencil portrait

Elderly couple with Church Background
2022, 20 x 40 cm, graphite pencil on paper
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pencil sketch of a couple taking a selfie

A Happy Couple Taking a Selfie

pencil drawing of a mother with her father holding her son

Father Holding his Grandson

Grandfather, father and grandson pencil family portrait drawing from photo

Grandfather with his Son and Grandson

Mother, Father and baby pencil portrait drawing

Young Family Drawing
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A pencil portrait drawing of a musician playing the flute

Portrait of a Flutist
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Pencil portrait drawing of a father and adult daughter smiling

Father and Daughter Portrait
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dad and baby son portrait

Father and Baby Son Painting
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father and daughter acrylic portrait

Father and Daughter Painting
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father family portrait

Father Painting
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three children pencil portrait

Three Children Drawing
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baby and dog pencil portrait

Baby and Chihuahua Drawing
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elderly couple portrait in pencil

Grandparents Portrait
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boy pencil portrait

Boy Portrait

child pencil portrait

Boy Portrait

father-in-law portrait in pencil

Family Portrait

father and bride pencil portrait

Father and Bride Wedding Portrait

groom and parents pencil portrait

Parents and Groom Wedding Portrait

wedding portrait

Vintage Wedding Portrait

couple in a sea landscape portrait

Couple Landscape Painting

bride portrait painting

Bride Portrait
View the painting

coloured wedding portrait

Tinted Wedding Portrait

man portrait painting

Family Portrait

father portrait in pencil

Father Portrait

rugby player pencil portrait

Rugby Player

vintage portrait drawing

Vintage Family Portrait

family portrait in pencil

Family Portrait

guitarist pencil portrait


If you would like to order your own pet or family portrait or you would like to discuss your portrait commission, please do not hesitate to contact me by filling out my contact form or simply emailing your photographs or ideas.